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The Spiderwick merupakan sebuah film Amerika Serikat yang dirilis pada tahun Film yang disutradarai oleh Mark Waters ini pemainnya antara lain ialah. I read the Spiderwick Chronicles back when I was quite young, maybe eight or nine. My sister and I read the crap out these books (we must have read them The Spiderwick Chronicles Box Set book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It all started with a mysterious letter left at.

Overall, I loved this book and I highly recommend this series to readers of all ages. It's such a great fantasy series and it's amazingly well written. I can't wait to continue rereading this series. Oct 15, Scott rated it liked it.

These are cute. It's really stupid that they come as short little nothing stories, though. All five of these would probably add up to half of one novel, so why they're separate is either a poor artistic choice or a really transparent way to make a buck.

View all 8 comments. Apr 07, Jenny Baker rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm so glad that the rest of the series was available on Overdrive!

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I didn't have to wait to continue the series! Aug 08, P rated it liked it Shelves: Esta es una de esas sagas que conforme avanzas con los libros, estos van mejorando. Dec 25, Shannon Mrsreadsbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 07, Mindy Conde rated it really liked it Shelves: Again, a fun and enjoyable little read. I'm a little irritated by some of these reviewers who are being so harsh about these books; the big complaint that it is just too short, that all of them could have been strung together into a single novel, I understand a bit, but disagree with.

I think we're forgetting the audience here: I think this is perfect for them.

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It is short enough to not be intimidating, but long enough to resolve the story with some humor and messages to Again, a fun and enjoyable little read. It is short enough to not be intimidating, but long enough to resolve the story with some humor and messages to the reader.

Do I think that this is good for a young reader looking for a challenge? Probably not. But I do think it is a fun and easy read and it might be really great for kids who don't have a long attention span or who aren't avid readers. For the age group, I think anything that gets kids into reading is great.

I read a ton as a kid, but I'm sure it wasn't always great literature. I devoured books and I think this would have been a fun little read even then.


View 2 comments. Jul 23, Colleen rated it really liked it Shelves: I really like this series. It's very exciting - there's adventure and fantasy. However, I think it can be really scary for kids. I think you really have to know your child's tolerance for "creepy" before you let them read this book. But a great series so far View 1 comment. Dec 31, Peter Monn rated it really liked it. Check out my full review on my booktube channel at youtube.

The Seeing Stone

Jan 12, C. Drews rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm totally reading these books for research A little review? I don't have a lot to say gasp , just that it's like reading one chapter!

Reading, reading Lucky I borrowed two out. It's very clear and easy to read. I find a few of the phrases redundant though Um, you can't really do that.

The Seeing Stone

Simon is 9 and Mallory is The logistics just don't work, okay? Little things like that do annoy me. I'm probably going to say it every single book: What the heck is wrong with their mother?!

She doesn't listen! She doesn't care! It's like she's totally detached from her children's lives. Okay, she's going through a rough time, but so are they and she just punishes them all the time.

I'm VERY annoyed about that. Simon, Mallory, and Jared are awesomely written though. They're very realistic.

I love Mallory. She reminds me of my older sisters Totally enjoyable! It's like a magical snack. Feb 09, Simona rated it really liked it Shelves: As much fun as the first one!

Feb 23, Lupe Dominguez rated it it was amazing Shelves: These are just such fun and quick reads! I'm disappointed I didn't read them when I was younger!! Aug 05, C.

Cabaniss rated it it was amazing Shelves: This second installment in the Spiderwick Chronicles held up well with the first one. The characters were once again a great group to tag along with. Mallory, Jared, and Simon seem like real siblings that I am joining on these adventures. The plot continues to build on information we received in The Field Guide as Jared and his siblings delve deeper into the faerie world. And things are not always nice.

This time we deal with goblins, trolls, kidnapping, and a few other unpleasant things. These This second installment in the Spiderwick Chronicles held up well with the first one. These are very magical and quite superbly written, so I don't want to delve too deeply into the story and plot. They might be for children, but anyone can enjoy them and I highly recommend that you give the series a read.

I can already tell that I will revisit them many times in the future. Sep 09, Kat Lost in Neverland rated it it was ok. I was pissed about it when I was ten and I'm still pissed now. Apr 02, Abigail rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Following up on the initial volume of The Spiderwick Chronicles , The Field Guide , this second installment of the series sees Simon kidnapped by the goblins who live in the woods on the Spiderwick estate.

Jared, with the aid more or less of Thimbletack the brownie, gains a stone that allows him to see the otherwise invisible faeries, and together with Mallory, he sets off to rescue his twin.

After escaping the clutches of the the troll living in the nearby creek, they find Simon imprisoned in Following up on the initial volume of The Spiderwick Chronicles , The Field Guide , this second installment of the series sees Simon kidnapped by the goblins who live in the woods on the Spiderwick estate. After escaping the clutches of the the troll living in the nearby creek, they find Simon imprisoned in a tiny cage in the trees above the goblins' camp. In the process of freeing his brother, Jared also liberates Hogsqueal the hobgoblin, whose spittle, when applied to the eyes, gives all three siblings the ability to see the faeries without recourse to external aides.

After luring the goblin crew to a gruesome end at the hands of the troll, the Grace children free the animals held prisoner, bringing a wounded griffin home for Simon to nurse back to health Every bit as engrossing as it predecessor, The Seeing Stone expands upon the initial volume in the series, fleshing out both the relationships between the Grace siblings and the magical world they are slowly discovering.

I appreciated the fact that Mallory seems a little more supportive, and a little less aggressive towards her brothers than in the previous volume. Although of a fierce temperament, she clearly loves them. I also liked the fact that although he is seen as the trouble-maker, Jared's brother and sister also rely on him to get them out of trouble, when they come home at an outrageously late hour, and their mother is angry.

Having disregarded Thimbletack's warnings about keeping Arthur Spiderwick's field guide in the first book, it was clear that the Grace siblings would encounter some sort of danger or threat from the faery world, and Simon's kidnapping felt like the first volley in an ongoing conflict. Young readers will finish this second installment of the series eager to pick up the third, Lucinda's Secret. I know I did!

Recommended to young fantasy readers and faery-lovers, although they should be sure to read the The Field Guide first. Mar 12, Cheyenne Cumber rated it really liked it. The book begins with Jared coming home from detention, and Simon looking for his cat, named Tibbs.

As his siblings go off to do there own thing, Jared goes up to the library, to look at the guide. Thumbtack then comes out from his hiding place, and he warns Jared to get rid of the book before something bad happens, which sooner or later it does.

When Jared looked out the window he saw his brother being dragged to an unseen creature. Jared cannot see the creatures, until Thumbtack takes him to the seeing stone. Once Jared and Mallory have the seeing stone they set off to find Simon.

Along the way they run into goblins, trolls, fairies, and Hogsqueal. After Jared rescues Simon, they escape from the goblins. Eventually the goblins leave, they then go back to release the other creatures.

Finally they get home with the wounded griffin, and their mother is furious, she grounds them for a month.

In the second book, Jared shows a real change. In the previous book he is all about himself, but in this book he was looking out for his siblings and keeping them from getting hurt. The setting made the story more erry and unpredictable, yet it also brought safety to the children. Over the course of one day the siblings see more in the woods than they ever wanted to.

The most important theme that comes from this book is trust. Each of the children had to trust in one another, to save themselves.

Mallory had to trust Jared to see the creatures, and judge if they were good or bad news. Simon was trusting his siblings with his life. Boy Genius Hey Arnold!: Sponge Out of Water Amusement Park Diperoleh dari " https: Film berbahasa Inggris Film Amerika Serikat tahun Kategori tersembunyi: Halaman menggunakan kotak info film dengan parameter tidak dikenal Semua artikel rintisan Rintisan bertopik film.

Ruang nama Halaman Pembicaraan. Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. Dalam proyek lain Wikimedia Commons. Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 9 April , pukul Lihat Ketentuan Penggunaan untuk lebih jelasnya. Theatrical release poster. Mark Waters. Caleb Deschanel.These are cute. I don't feel this adds much and I don't like how just as I start to get into it, it just stops.

My sister and I read the crap out these books we must have read them 15 times, no joke and I've been wanting to revist this series and the wonderful fantasy world that Holly and Tony created for awhile now but I've finally gotten around to it. Books by Tony DiTerlizzi. However, there is another three books in this world, the Beyond Spiderwick trilogy, and so I can forgive the ending slightly, knowing that there is more to read!