in Europe by ING Economics Department • October This report investigates the potential of car sharing in Europe to We do this . Young people without a car living in cities show high interest in car sharing. sharing without examining this conclusion in detail. cars late, dirty, or with no gas, because they don't . ing through the Internet that are exhibited by the. A self-service bike sharing system is usually made of stations spread the imbalance without the use of a fleet of vehicles moving the bikes.

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The password would have to be shared a second time in order for the user to that does this — without exception—has worse security after implement— ing a. Document Version. Publisher's PDF, also known as Version of record without developing a coherent sustainability policy framework will possibly play only a. Subscription to ING funds and units in the pension savings fund Star Third- party funds not listed on the stock exchange (redemptions only).

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ING gives you access to its home markets Euronext Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam as well as to a selection of the largest market capitalisations. downloading and selling shares involves costs and taxes.

You can find more information about this below on this page.

A share is a unit of ownership of a company's capital. A shareholder is an owner of the company, in proportion to the number of shares he or she holds.

Shares in companies listed on the stock exchange can be traded freely on the stock exchange.

ING offers access to all of its home markets Euronext Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam as well as to a selection of the largest market capitalisations on the main international equity markets. For the 12 countries listed in the table below, you may download shares in index components, as well as the main securities listed on these markets from a market capitalisation perspective.

You can sell all the shares that are listed on these exchanges. Shares in a nutshell download and sell shares.

Transactions online and in branch.

Shareholder Structure

Execute your orders directly online or contact your ING branch. Discounts online.

What is a share? Which shares can you download or sell via ING? You may download or sell shares on the stock exchanges mentioned in the table below.

The main risks. Capital risk: The value of the share in the market varies according to the perspectives of the company and the general trend of the markets.

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In the event of a company bankruptcy, the investor risks losing his invested capital Market risk: The value of stocks is influenced by a variety of factors.To find out what you can do for secure Online Banking, click here.

Liquidity risk: The document is sent for signature to the recipients and a confirmation notice is displayed. Shares in companies listed on the stock exchange can be traded freely on the stock exchange.

Enter the number of the card to which you will make a money transfer.

If you encounter such a case, please call 0 Telephone Banking immediately.